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Mittwoch, 14. Oktober 2015

Red Eagle Mining: Interview mit CEO Ian Slater über den "CB Gold / Batero Gold Deal" in Kolumbien

Hörenswertes Interview - credit to James West:

Red Eagle Mining CEO Ian Slater Podcast Interview

Written By: James West| October 13, 2015|

James West: Ian, thanks for joining us today.

Ian Slater: Thank you, James, great to talk to you again.

James West: Ian, I guess congratulations is probably premature on your takeover bid for CB Gold in competition with Batero. Where do we stand on that whole transaction at this point?

Ian Slater: Well, an official share register, Red Eagle owns 49 percent of CBJ and Batero, together with Navarro Grau’s private companies, own 22 percent, and the both bids – they extended their bid a couple of times, so it expires on Monday, and we extended ours so they expire at the same time..

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