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Donnerstag, 22. Oktober 2015

The Gold Report: Paul Harris Preaches Investor Patience in Colombia

Informatives TGR-Interview mit Kolumbien-Experte Paul Harris, u.a. über Red Eagle Mining (TSX-V:RD):

Paul Harris Preaches Investor Patience in Colombia

Source: Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report  (10/19/15)
Paul HarrisPaul Harris, editor and publisher of Colombia Gold Letter,knows Colombia well and realizes that the country requires more investor patience than many are willing to give. Harris says that the next 12–24 months will largely determine Colombia's long-term perception as a mining jurisdiction, but is quick to add that some current stories are already panning out. In this interview with The Gold Report, Harris discusses some companies getting the best out of Colombia and others that hope to.

The Gold Report: You recently attended the Precious Metals Summit and Denver Gold Forum in Colorado. What sense did you get of investor sentiment toward Colombia at those events?
Paul Harris: It was a mixed bag. The recent announcement by Continental Gold Inc. (CNL:TSX; CGOOF:OTCQX) that it had to change its environmental licensing strategy from the regional to the national level basically signaled "country risk" to a lot of investors. The question remains: Can you get projects permitted there? There are many positives in Colombia. Red Eagle Mining Corp. (RD:TSX.V) got its San Ramon gold project permitted and the company has since broken ground on construction. Cordoba Minerals Corp. (CDB:TSX.V) is also progressing with its San Matias copper-gold exploration project in Cordoba Province. But it is a mixed bag in general..

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