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Samstag, 10. Dezember 2016

Black Sea Copper & Gold: Coverage von HRA Advisories

Informatives Coverage zu Junior Black Sea Copper & Gold (V.BLS) vom erfahrenen Branchenexperten Eric Coffin:

Black Sea Copper & Gold
Initiated in HRA's Special Delivery Alert Service #641 @ $0.22

Black Sea Copper & Gold (BLS) was added to the HRA list for its focus on one of the most successful exploration addresses in recent years; the Western Tethyan Metallogenic Belt that stretches through southeastern Europe and Turkey. Recent major discoveries, including Reservoir Minerals (now Nevsun’s) Timok and Mariana Resources’ Hot Maden are both located within this prolific stretch of geology. Given HRA’s experience with both of those projects it’s not surprising I’d be interested in any company working the area.
While BLS only recently went public it’s not a newcomer to the belt. Black Sea has been at work in the region for four years, most of that time spent carrying out regional programs and building up local staff and contacts with project owners, government departments and sub-contractors that will help carry out ongoing programs. Black Sea has current concession holdings in Bulgaria with additional applications in process in Bulgaria, Romania and in Serbia. Additionally, it has signed an option agreement to earn up to 100% in a project in Turkey. The company’s focus is on large scale early stage targets with either copper-gold porphyry or epithermal gold potential, or both. 
Management’s preference is to take projects to and through initial drill testing. This is the high impact end of the exploration business. Given the relatively modest costs of initial investigation and concession acquisition so far, it makes more sense for BLS to go this route. Large scale targets have the potential to add value very rapidly if early stage drilling succeeds.
Competition is heating up in the region. Expect BLS to be coy about new projects until it has them nailed down but I know there are several applications in the works on areas that sound quite interesting, in addition to the projects outlined below. Crews are active in several areas defining and upgrading drill targets. If all goes according to plan BLS should be drill testing two to four target areas in H1 2017. Recently completed financings should be sufficient for targeting and drill testing on at least a couple of projects. - Eric Coffin, HRA Advisories
I’ve long considered the Tethyan belt one of the best exploration addresses on the globe. It has generated some of the best copper gold discoveries in recent memory. It’s also the home to a number of operating or recently depleted deposits that actually deserve the moniker “world class”.
I’m always prepared to look at a deal exploring the region. Although Black Sea has only been a listed company for two months it was relatively early in some of the areas it’s focused on. 
There wasn’t much competition through the bear market but that is changing now with several companies getting aggressive about staking.
The main reason for the timing of this review is to give those of you who like the story plenty of time to accumulate it. The effective share float, taking the hold period on the recent placement into account, is actually far smaller than the “official” one shown on the previous page. Acquiring a positon of any size will take some patience so I’m laying out the story well in advance of drilling.
Because of that competition I expect Black Sea to keep quiet about areas it hasn’t been fully granted concessions for. That process takes time. I’ve looked at several areas BLS is active and in the process of submitting concessions for. Several look as good or better than the projects discussed below. I’m not concerned about Black Sea running out of targets any time soon.
There are crews in the field in a couple of different areas that will be generating targeting news. Ground work, airborne geophysics and probably ground IP surveys will be used in concert to generate targets for drilling next year. We may not see drilling until Q2 though management will speed things up as much as they can.
It’s important to understand that this region is still opening up. As a company recognized as active in the area, Black Sea is getting approached from locals in several countries that have projects to sell. Management is reviewing multiple project submissions. It’s entirely possible Black Sea’s focus projects will be ones even they don’t know about yet.
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Black Sea Copper & Gold startet Exploration auf Alankoy in der Türkei und nimmt Tookie Angus in den Vorstand auf

Gleich zwei positive Nachrichten gab es bei Juniorfirma Black Sea Copper & Gold (V.BLS) in den letzten Tagen.

Zunächst beginnt Black Sea das 1. Explorationsprogramms auf dem Alankoy-Projekt in der Türkei (NR). Die aussichtsreichen Gold- und Kupferliegenschaften waren zuvor im Besitz von Eurasian Minerals. Black Sea wird eine intensive, geologische Kartierung vornehmen, Gesteinsproben entnehmen und geophysikalische Bodenuntersuchungen durchführen. Mit diesen gewöhnlichen Vorbereitungsprogrammen soll der Weg für ein zukünftiges Bohrprogramm gelegt werden.

Das Alankoy-Projekt befindet sich in einem aktiven Rohstoffbezirk. In der Nachbarschaft sind u.a. Alamos Gold und Pilot Gold / Teck Resources tätig.

Außerdem verstärkt der Explorer sein Vorstandsteam mit einem sehr kompetenten und erfolgreichen Manager, der in der Rohstoffszene eine hohe Reputation besitzt. Black Sea gibt nämlich die Aufnahme von Tookie Angus bekannt (NR), der sich u.a. in Führungsrollen bei Nevsun, Ventana Gold (Übernahme durch AUX), First Quantum, Canico und Wildcat Silver (Arizona Mining) profilieren konnte.

Werfen Sie auch einen Blick in die informative, neue Firmen-Präsentation


Black Sea Copper & Gold schließt Übernahme ab und startet an der TSX-Venture

Die neue Junior-Firma Black Sea Copper & Gold hat erfolgreich die Übernahmetransaktion von Alternative Earth Resources abgeschlossen. Seit ein paar Tagen ist die neue Aktie an der TSX-Venture unter dem Symbol "BLS" gelistet. Black Sea besitzt ein sehr erfahrenes Management-Team und hat sich ein umfassendes Portfolio an aussichtsreichen Kupfer- und Goldprojekten in Osteuropa gesichert..

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