Donnerstag, 22. Oktober 2015

Nyrstar: Europas größter Zinkproduzent vor Default

Das nächste Opfer im historischen Bärenmarkt in der Rohstoffbranche - credit to Zerohedge:

CEO Of Europe's Largest Zinc Producer Hints At Default: Bonds Hit Record Lows, Stock Plunges Most Ever

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It had been a while since we had any major news involving the ongoing devastation in the global mining sector courtesy of China, where as we previously reported more than half of the local commodity companies can't cover their interest expense and are thus caught in a deflationary race to the bottom even as the government has no choice but to bail them all out.
Indeed, complacency seemed ready to set back in, with Glencore stock recently rising as high as its recent equity offering price of 125p. And then today we noticed that not only is Glencore's CDS back above 700 bps, the widest it has been in three weeks, but that another mining company has fallen into the market's crosshairs, this time Belgium-based (with Zurich HQ) Nyrstar NV, Europe's largest refined-zinc producer, whose stock crashed the most since its initial public offering in 2007, while it bonds tumbled to a yield of 19%, suggesting a default may be imminent..

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