Montag, 3. Juli 2017

Tesla-Chef Musk: Produktion von Model 3 startet besser als erwartet

Hierzu ein aktuelles Update - credit to SA:

Musk tweets news on Model 3

Jul. 3, 2017 2:21 AM ET|By: Yoel Minkoff, SA News Editor
  • "Model 3 passed all regulatory requirements for production two weeks ahead of schedule. Expecting to complete SN1 (Serial Number 1) on Friday," Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) CEO Elon Musk tweeted on Sunday.
  • "Handover party for first 30 customer Model 3's on the 28th! Production grows exponentially, so Aug should be 100 cars and Sept above 1500."
  • The car, which already has over 400,000 pre-orders, is Tesla's cheapest vehicle to date - starting at $35,000.


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