Freitag, 3. Mai 2013

Review: Nolan Watson zur Situation in der Junior- und Minenbranche

Auschnitt aus dem jüngsten Interview von Mitte April, nochmal explizit hervorgehoben:

"..The equity market is totally and completely dead right now. It is down and out and there are no signs of it coming back anytime soon. So a lot of those situations where we were advanced in discussion with mining companies we have to put those discussions on hold until the equity markets come back."
When taking on a project, Watson says the team must be experienced. Time and again what does does surprise Watson when considering a deal is how many people still underestimate costs and time to complete a mine.
"I know it's been the mantra of cost over runs but still even today in this environment with all the history of all the companies people still come into the office and say we are going to be able to produce gold at $700/oz after our technical team looks at it and realizes its going to be close to $1,200 or $1,300 and they are not going to have any gross margin after they pay for their G&A.."

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