Mittwoch, 2. Dezember 2015

Gold, Terminmarkt: Hedgefonds waren nie bärischer - Kontrasignal?

Wir sehen erneut eine äußerst spannende Konstellation an der Terminbörse COMEX.

Hedgefonds waren in der Historie noch nie zuvor bärischer bei Gold positioniert:
"..At 1.4 million ounces the market is now in its biggest net short position ever, surpassing bearish positions entered into in July and early August. That was the first time hedge funds were net negative since at least 2006, when the Commodity Futures Trading Commission first began tracking the data..."

Diese brisante Entwicklung könnte im Hinblick auf die historisch hohen Short-Positionierungen ein starkes Kontrasignal implizieren..

Quelle:, Bloomberg, Saxo Bank


Hedge funds have never bet this much on a falling gold price

Frik Els | December 1, 2015

On Tuesday on the Comex market in New York, gold futures with February delivery dates eked out a small gain in brisk post-holiday trade, but remains not far off near five-and-half year lows hit last week..


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