Mittwoch, 22. Februar 2017

Milliardär Frank Giustra positioniert sich im Gold-Sektor

Neben Fiore Exploration (V.F) ist der smarte Erfolgsunternehmer und Großinvestor u.a. stärker bei Newcastle Gold (T.NCA) und Sandspring Resources (V.SSP) engagiert.

Hierzu ein Bericht auf Stockhouse:

Frank Giustra positioned for the rise of Gold

The 2017 Vancouver Resource Investment Conference (“VRIC”) carried a tone of optimism that wasn’t present a few years ago, and the smiles that lined the faces of both exhibitors and attendees indicated that mining had returned from the depths of the abyss it had slipped into back in 2011.

In fact, famed author and professional investor, Doug Casey, was emphatic that the stratospheric prices we witnessed before the collapse of the last super cycle were bound to return by 2019.

He wasn’t the only one with enthusiastic verve.

Mining investment icon, Frank Giustra, spoke to a full house during his forum on Sunday, leaving his audience with some choice words of wisdom.

Quelle: CEO.CA

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