Mittwoch, 15. Oktober 2014

Minenbranche, X2 Resources: Mick Davis visiert mit voller Kriegskasse größere Coups an

Beeindruckende Kapitallage für X2 Resources in einer der schwierigsten Märkte für Rohstofffirmen in den letzten 30 Jahren..

Mick Davis has now almost $5 billion to build new mining empire

Cecilia Jamasmie | October 15, 2014

A few pounds less and some billions more, "Mick the Miner," is ready to go on a buying spree.

After losing out in the Glencore (LON:GLEN) takeover last year, former Xstrata chief executive Mick Davis has been staging a comeback and by now he’s got $4.8 billion from investors to spend doing what he likes the most: buying assets to eventually turn his X2 Resources into a midsize metal and mining group..


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