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Europäischer Banken-Index im Crash-Modus: Höherer Tagesverlust als bei Lehman Brothers

Mit einem Minus von über 13% wird der heutige Tag als "schwärzeste Handelssession" für europäische Bankaktien ebenfalls in die Geschichte eingehen..


Nach dem BrExit: Globale Bestände der Gold-Investments springen um 3,4 Mrd. USD auf höchsten Stand seit 2013

Die Anleger weltweit kehren im großen Stil in den Goldmarkt zurück. Hier sehen Sie die Entwicklung der globalen Bestände der Gold-Investments..


Nach der BrExit-Entscheidung: Sterling touchiert 30-Jahrestief, Goldpreis in Pfund mit dem höchsten Anstieg seit 42 Jahren

Gold wird seinem Ruf als ultimative Krisenwährung heute vor allem in Großbritannien gerecht..


Historischer Tag: BrExit zieht weltweite Schockwellen nach sich, Gold explodiert

Hierzu zwei aktuelle Berichte von Zerohedge mit der Zusammenfassung der wichtigsten Ereignisse:

"It’s Scary, And I’ve Never Seen Anything Like It" - Where Markets Are The Morning After

For those of you who are just waking up, first of all, congratulations. Here is what you missed.

European, Asian stocks and S&P futures plummet, as U.K. votes to leave European Union membership. FX carry trades everywhere go haywire, with the Dollar and Yen spiking while the Cable overnight plunged to 30 year lows and at last check was trading just around 1.37, down 1,300 pips from yesterday's highs. A modest rebound was experienced when first the Bank of England and shortly after all other central banks promised to pump virtually unlimited liquidity into the financial system. Ironically, all of this takes place a day after Fed’s stress tests showing all 33 banks exceed minimum requirements - we may find out just how "unstressed" they are as soon as today.

For those who are pressed for time, the following quote from James Butterfill, head of research and investments at ETF Securities, summarized it best: "It’s scary, and I’ve never seen anything like it. We’re going to see outflows from basically any kind of cyclical asset. A lot of people were caught out, and many investors will lose a lot of money.”

Here are key market updates:
  • S&P 500 futures down 3.9% to 2023
  • Stoxx 600 down 7% to 322
  • MSCI Asia Pacific down 4.1% to 125
  • US 10-yr yield down 22bps to 1.53%
  • Dollar Index up 1.86% to 95.27
  • WTI Crude futures down 4.2% to $48.00
  • Brent Futures down 4.3% to $48.70
  • Gold spot up 4.2% to $1,310
  • Silver spot up 2.8% to $17.77


  • U.K. Votes for Brexit as Cameron Resigns After Historic Rupture: Prime minister to step down as Johnson weighs next step
  • Pound Plunges to 30-Year Low as U.K. Assets Slide on Brexit: ‘There are certain days you never forget,’ says HSBC’s Bloom
  • Carney Pledges $345 Billion to Fund First Line of Brexit Defense: Markets bets on a July interest rate cut climb to 50%
  • Nationalist Parties Seize on Brexit to Demand Own EU Referendums: Le Pen, Wilders, Northern League call for vote
  • Biggest U.S. Banks Seen Weathering Severe Stress in Fed Test: Regulators release results of Dodd-Frank mandated exercise
  • Oil Tumbles After Brexit Vote as Traders Assess Lasting Impact: WTI, Brent down >6.6% as traders flee risky assets
  • Gold Sees Biggest Gain Since 2008 in Rush for Havens From Brexit: Sterling-denominated gold jumps 15%, the most ever
  • Xerox Appoints Jeff Jacobson as New Chief After Co. Split: Jacobson named as incoming CEO of document technology seller
  • Albemarle, Fortive to Join S&P 500; Emcor Named to MidCap 400: Changes to be implemented after close of trading June 30


European shares sinks after U.K. voted to quit the European Union. All 19 Stoxx 600 sectors fall with banks, insurance underperforming and health care, food & beverage outperforming. 90% of Stoxx 600 members decline, 10% gain. “It’s scary, and I’ve never seen anything like it,” said James Butterfill, head of research and investments at ETF Securities, said by phone from London. “We’re going to see outflows from basically any kind of cyclical asset. A lot of people were caught out, and many investors will lose a lot of money.”


It's All Over As "Leave" Wins Brexit Referendum: Markets Everywhere Are Crashing

Final update to this historic post, just to make it official :

Mittwoch, 22. Juni 2016

Die 50 wertvollsten Minen-Konzerne der Welt

Lesenswerter Artikel - credit to

The world's 50 most valuable mining companies

As with most rankings, the 13th annual study by PwC of the world’s 40 biggest miners elicited a lot of discussion. Following on this debate asked our sister organization IntelligenceMine to compile a new list and to update the rankings to take into account the big swings in market valuations and commodity prices this year


China: Kapitalabflüsse halten an

Der Trend von 2015 setzt sich bei den Kapitalabflüssen aus China fort..

Quelle: BW, WIND, SAFE

Big Picture: Die größten Banken der Welt nach Börsenwert

Die USA und China verteidigen natürlich ihre Spitzenplätze. Informative Übersicht - credit to WSJ:

Quelle: WSJ

BrExit: Soros, Rothschild und Osborne warnen vor drastischen Folgen

Die Medien-Kampagnen rund um den kontroversen BrExit laufen kurz vor der Entscheidung natürlich wie erwartet besonders heiß. Lesenswerter Bericht auf Zerohedge:

The Big Guns Are Out: Soros, Rothschild Warn Of Brexit Doom; Osborne Threatens With "Suspending" Market

Just yesterday, we recounted the story of "Black Wednesday" when on September 16, 1992, the UK was forced out of the EU’s exchange-rate mechanism, or ERM, when the BOE tapped out and allowed the British pound to float freely, leading to 15% losses in the sterling. As we noted, this was George Soros' infamous trade which "broke the Bank of England" and made the Hungarian richer by over $1.5 bilion.

24 years later Soros is back, and this time he is warning against the kind of devaluation that made him a billionaire and which he believes will be unleashed by Brexit, when in a Guardian Op-Ed he wrote that U.K. voters are “grossly underestimating” the true costs of a vote to leave the EU, saying that there would be an "immediate and dramatic impact on financial markets, investment, prices and jobs."

He predicts that the pound would decline "precipitously", seeing a gargantuan drop of at least 15% and possibly >20% to below $1.15. Considering it has now become trendy for analysts to come up with ever "doomier" forecasts of just how low cable would plunge in case of Brexit, we are surprised Soros stopped there.

Here Soros makes the distinction how the collapse in cable would be different from the one that made him richer by saying thatthis devaluation wouldn’t be “healthy” like the one in 1992 because BOE wouldn’t cut rates, U.K. has large current account deficit and devaluation unlikely to improve manufacturing exports this time. Just don't tell that to the BOJ, which would gladly leave the EU - twice if it had to - if it meant a 20% devaluation.

Brexit would make some people very rich - but most voters considerably poorer”; “there are speculative forces in the, markets much bigger and more powerful" than the speculators that profited from the 1967 devaluation at Britain’s expense. "A vote to leave could see the week end with a Black Friday, and serious consequences for ordinary people.."

Quelle: Sputnik

Dienstag, 21. Juni 2016

Silber, Big Picture: 21 eindrucksvolle Verwendungsbereiche

Informative Übersicht - credit to BullionVault:

Quelle:  BullionVault

Eisenerz: BHP Billiton sieht Angebotsüberhang bis 2025

Der CEO des weltgrößten Minenkonzerns BHP Billiton (BHP) sieht erst in einer Dekade ein Ende des Überangebots im Eisenerz-Markt:

BHP flags ‘another ten years’ as iron ore adjusts after boom

The iron ore market will take longer to balance out than other commodities as excess supply may take years to be absorbed after a boom, according to BHP Billiton chief executive officer Andrew Mackenzie, who flagged his company’s low production costs as a lure for hedge-fund investors..

Peak Gold rückt näher: Interview mit dem CEO von Goldproduzent Newmont Mining

Der Chef des größten amerikanischen Goldkonzerns Newmont Mining (NEM) rechnet spätestens Anfang des nächsten Jahrzehnts mit einem erheblichen Einbruch des globalen Goldminen-Angebots:

Gold supply to drop by 7 pct by 2021 – Newmont CEO

Due to the past price performance of gold, supply is constrained says Gary Goldberg, president and CEO of Newmont Mining..

Goldminen: Ressourcen-Bewertungen erleben größten Anstieg seit der Finanzkrise

Seit Jahresanfang haben die Unzen-Bewertungen (EV/Oz) bei den Goldminen im Zuge der starken Rally um mehr als 30 Dollar/Unze zugelegt - der größte Anstieg seit der Finanzkrise..

Quelle: RBC Capital Markets

Montag, 20. Juni 2016

Morgan Stanley, Analyse: Batterie- & Energiespeicher-Markt vor Wachstumsexplosion

Morgan Stanley (MS) geht in einer aktuellen Analyse davon aus, dass das Wachstum im globalen Batteriespeicher-Markt in den nächsten Jahren massiv anziehen wird:

Morgan Stanley: Battery storage to grow four times quicker than market thinks

By Giles Parkinson on 20 June 2016

Leading investment bank Morgan Stanley believes the Australian energy market is seriously underestimating the grow of solar and battery storage, and says the technology will be installed at rates four times quicker than the incumbent energy industry expects.

In a new detailed report, Asia Insight: Solar and batteries, Morgan Stanley expects the market for battery storage to grow from about 2,000 Australian homes now to one million by 2020. But its “high case” suggests the take-up could be double that – up to 2 million homes by 2020

Quelle: Morgan Stanley


Bullenmarkt geht weiter: Lithium-Preis setzt Höhenflug in China fort

Der Höhenflug beim Lithium-Preis geht ungebrochen weiter..

Golden Arrow Resources: Interview mit Gründer, CEO und Großaktionär Joseph Grosso

Informative Einblicke vom Boss in Explorer und Projektentwickler Golden Arrow Resources (V.GRG), welche in 2016 eine der heißesten Spekulationen bei den Silberminen im Junior-Sektor ist..


Joe Grosso: Golden Arrow Targets a Promising Mining Merger With Silver Standard in Argentina

By Daily Bell Staff - June 2016

Joseph Grosso is Executive Chairman, CEO & President of a leading junior mining firm in Argentina, Golden Arrow Resources. He has successfully formed strategic alliances and negotiated with mining industry majors such as Barrick, Teck, Newmont, Viceroy (now Yamana Gold) and Vale S.A., and government officials at all levels. Mr. Grosso’s specialty is financing, negotiations, corporate and marketing strategy, and he was an early and passionate adopter of best practices in environmental protection and socio-economic development through mineral exploration. He is the founder and president of Grosso Group Management Ltd.

The Daily Bell
: Give us some background on your company, Golden Arrow Resources.

Joseph Grosso
: Golden Arrow is a Vancouver-based explorer and prospect generator focused on identifying, acquiring and advancing precious and base metal discoveries with the goal of defining world class deposits. I believe strongly in the mineral potential of Argentina and have focused our exploration efforts there since 1993 when the country opened to foreign investment. The Group’s success at mineral discovery, as well as its achievements in community and government relations has made it a highly regarded and trusted explorer throughout Argentina..

Der Aktienkurs von Golden Arrow hat in den letzten Monaten einen beeindruckenden Höhenflug erlebt. Das steigende Handelsvolumen unterstreicht das zunehmende Investoren-Interesse an der attraktiven Silber-Story..


Golden Arrow Resources: Übernahme durch Silver Standard wegen Argentinien-Projekt?

Es verdichten sich aktuell die Gerüchte, dass Silberproduzent Silver Standard Resources (NDQ:SSRI) an Explorer und Projekt-Entwickler Golden Arrow Resources (V.GRG) interessiert sein könnte..

Lithium-Markt: Aufschlüsselung der Verwendung

Mehr als 35% des globalen Lithiumangebots wird aktuell bereits für die Herstellung von modernen Batterien verwendet - Tendenz stark steigend..

Quelle: Canaccord Genuity Estimates

Platin: Die größten Förder-Nationen der Welt

Mehr als 70% der globalen Platin-Produktion kommt nach wie vor aus Südafrika:


Sonntag, 19. Juni 2016

Rohstoff- und Minenbranche: Der Wochenrückblick von Haywood

Hier der Link zum informativen Wochenrückblick vom Haywood Mining Team.

The Weekly Dig
Mick Carew, PhD,
Haywood Mining Team

Brexit and U.S. Job Concerns Force Fed’s Hand Prompting Market/Gild Price Jitters

§  As predicted, the U.S. Federal Reserve held rates at 0.25 to 0.50% as concerns grow over the U.S. jobs market and Britain’s referendum scheduled for next week that will decide whether the Country stays in the Eurozone. The debate in Britain has intensified significantly as the day of voting draws nearer, with the “leave” camp gaining significant ground in the polls; one poll showed the Leave vote at 53% and the Remain vote at 47%, an 8 point swing on polls last week. The debate took a turn for the worse when a British member of parliament was shot dead in the street on Thursday, resulting in the suspension of campaigning for next week’s referendum. The likelihood of a U.S. rate rise in 2016 diminished following comments by Janet Yellen and other Federal Reserve officials - while the official outlook sees two rate hikes in 2016, fewer Federal Reserve officials expect the central bank to raise interest rates more than once this year, as policy makers gave a mixed picture of a U.S. economy where growth is picking up and job gains are slowing. The price of gold pierced the $1,300 per ounce level on Thursday and Friday following the Fed’s announcement, before closing at $1,296 per ounce late on Friday. Meanwhile, silver was up slightly (↑1%) finishing at $17.48, while platinum and palladium both fell over 2% to finish at $971 and $535 per ounce respectively.  Base metal prices were volatile this week; copper and nickel finished up higher at $2.06 and $4.09 per pound while lead and zinc were both lower at $0.76 and $0.73 per pound respectively. Finally, both WTI crude and the UxC Weekly Spot Price of uranium finished lower, closing at $48.03 per barrel and $25.94 per pound respectively.

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