Freitag, 11. März 2016

Minenkonzerne: Die 10 größten Geschäftsrisiken in 2015 vs. 2008

Informative Analyse von E&Y:


China: Öl-Importe bleiben auf Rekordniveau

Die Öl-Nachfrage aus dem Reich der Mitte bleibt extrem stark und so profitiert China von den niedrigeren Ölpreisen ganz besonders..


Rohstoffe: Höchste Verluste seit 1933 im Big Picture

Bemerkenswerter Chart:

Quelle: BofA, Merril Lynch

China: Lebensmittelpreise steigen auf 4-Jahreshoch

Die Inflation bei den Lebensmitteln in China zieht Anfang 2016 an..


Nach EZB-Sitzung: Historisch hohe Volatilität bei EUR/USD

Beeindruckender Chart, der die größten Intraday-Bewegungen von EUR/USD (High/Low) aufzeigt:


China: Frachtraten im Sinkflug

Kein gutes Omen für die chinesische Wirtschaft:


Donnerstag, 10. März 2016

Emerging Markets: Historisch hohe Kapital-Abflüsse in 2015

Bemerkenswerter Chart - credit to FT:

Quelle: FT

Eisenerz: Importe von China bleiben im stabilen Aufwärtstrend

Trotz der Mega-Krise im Eisenerzsektor, zeigt sich die Nachfrage aus China alles andere als schwach. Nach wie vor lastet natürlich ein immenses Überangebot auf den Eisenerz- und Stahlpreisen..


Glencore: Minenunglück in der Demokratische Republik Kongo

Hierzu ein aktueller Bericht von Mineweb:

Two dead, five missing after wall collapse at Glencore mine in Congo

KINSHASA – Two workers at Glencore’s Katanga Mining copper and cobalt operation in southeastern Democratic Republic of Congo died on Tuesday and five remain missing after a pit wall collapsed, the mine’s chairman told Reuters..

China: Enge Korrelation zwischen BIP-Wachstum und Importen

Informativer Chart - credit to Business Insider:


Mittwoch, 9. März 2016

Produzent Freeport: Überangebot am Kupfermarkt in 2016

Ein Verantwortlicher des weltgrößten, börsennotierten Kupferproduzenten sieht kein Ende des Überangebots in 2016 am Kupfermarkt..

Copper cuts not enough to end surplus in 2016, Freeport exec says

Copper production cuts will not be enough to end a surplus this year and demand will not catch up with supply until 2017, Freeport McMoRan (FCX -1%) senior VP of marketing and sales Javier Targhetta tells Bloomberg.
~700K metric tons of supply will have been removed in the year through mid-2016, but new supplies from mines added this year mean a glut will not be completely wiped out in 2016, Targhetta says.
Copper prices have tumbled in the past three years amid slowing economic growth in China, the metal's biggest consumer; meanwhile, production outpaced demand by ~147K tons in 2015, the biggest surplus since 2009.
"Long term I am very positive," Targhetta says. "I don’t see any new projects."




Neues Interview mit Gianni Kovacevic über regenerative Energien

Hörenswertes Interview - credit to BNN:

Green energy puts lithium, cobalt and graphite into the spotlight

Wed, Mar 9, 2016 - 10:15 AM

Gianni Kovacevic, investor, author, commentator joins Andy Bell at PDAC to talk about his plan to drive a Tesla from Toronto to California to promote the virtues of green energy and explain some..

Rohstoffe: Goldman Sachs bleibt auf der Bärenseite

Goldman Sachs bestätigt erneut die bärische Haltung für den Rohstoffmarkt:

Goldman rains on everyone's parade, says commodities rally won’t last

The recent surge in prices of gold, oil and other commodities has come prematurely, says the bank, arguing that lower prices are needed for markets to rebalance.

Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS), one of the most influential banks in commodity markets, poured cold water on the growing belief that metals and oil prices have "bottomed out," and warned the current rally is "not sustainable..."

Dienstag, 8. März 2016

Ölpreis-Rally befeuert durch Short-Eindeckungen

Am Öl-Markt kommt es in den letzten Wochen wie erwartet zu einem massiven Short Squeeze:



Gold-ETFs: Höchste Zuflüsse seit 2009

Investoren kehren im großen Stil in 2016 an den Goldmarkt zurück:


Kupfer: Höchster Wochenanstieg seit 2011

Die starke Rally im Rohstoffsektor befeuerte letzte Woche auch den Kupferkurs:


Montag, 7. März 2016

Eisenerz: Größter Tagesanstieg aller Zeiten

Der Eisenerzpreis beginnt die neue Handelswoche mit einer historischen Kursexplosion!

Iron Ore Jumps Most on Record as Market Goes 'Berserk'

March 7, 2016 — 6:45 AM ESTUpdated on March 7, 2016 — 9:13 AM EST

Iron ore soared the most ever after Chinese policy makers signaled their willingness to buttress economic growth, boosting the outlook for steel consumption in the top user and igniting speculation that some investors who’d bet against the market had been caught out.

Ore with 62 percent content delivered to Qingdao jumped 19 percent to $63.74 a dry metric ton, Metal Bulletin Ltd. data show. That’s the biggest gain in daily data going back to 2009 and the highest price since June. The surge was preceded in Asia by a rally in futures, with the most-active contract on Singapore Exchange Ltd. climbing 21 percent to $60 and prices on the Dalian Commodity Exchange rising by the daily limit..

The Dig - Wochen-Rückblick vom Haywood Mining Team

Der lesenswerte Wochenrückblick von Haywood:

The Weekly Dig
Haywood Mining Team
Crunch Time for Commodities/Mining Equities as PDAC Approaches
§  The rally in metal prices and mining equities continued unabated this week. However, while precious metals, particularly gold (↑2.8%; $1,262 per ounce this week), have risen on the back on global economic uncertainty, especially in the U.S., the recent rise in base metals has taken many investors by surprise. Testing the $2.00 per pound level a little less than a month ago, the price of copper has since risen by 12%. This week alone, copper is up 6.4%, while nickel (↑9.1%), lead (↑6.78%) and zinc (↑5.24%) have each risen significantly this week, with nickel rocketing past the $4.00 per pound level to finish at $4.23 per pound. While the rise in gold can be attributed to investors seeking safe-haven assets following the fall in global stock markets worldwide, the rise in base metals is not so easily explained; concerns over global economic growth, particularly in China, would imply significant downward pressure on base and industrial metal prices, certainly copper, or Dr. Copper as it is affectionately known (at least in a bull market) has historically been viewed as the bellwether for global growth. Some view this counterintuitive move as a reflection of the opaque nature of China’s economy, and that perhaps growth in the Country is not as significant as first thought. Regardless of the reasons, however, many view the timing of the PDAC, and the performance of metals and mining equities syn- and post- the world’s largest mining conference as a reliable indicator for what is in store for the summer. This view is borne from the performance of metals and equities during the same period since 2011, with initial positive signs giving way to a subsequent downturn in metal/equity prices at and around the PDAC. Silver (↑5%), platinum (↑6.6%) and palladium (↑13%) also finished up, closing at $15.55, $979 and $556 per ounce respectively. Meanwhile, WTI crude prices also rose during the week, finishing at $36.23 per barrel, while the UxC Broker Average Price (BAP) of uranium fell below $32.00 per pound, finishing at $31.38 per pound on Friday.

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