Evy Hambro, one of the most influential shareholders in the natural resources space (Photo: CEO.ca)
BlackRock Inc.’s Evy Hambro, the most influential shareholder in mining (Photo: Mines and Money)
Anybody who says that the super-cycle is over is an idiot, it’s just been deferred for a little bit”, mining tycoon Robert Friedland told a packed audience in London last week.
I was there for the 12th annual Mines and Money show. And if you’re in the mining business and haven’t been to London lately, the Mines and Money show is a great excuse to visit one of the world’s most colourful cities. I thoroughly enjoyed the high tea, fish and chips, pints at the pubs, and of course the conference, which was held just outside the glitzy Mayfair area.
Many of the mining industry’s leaders presented at the conference, including:
  • Evy Hambro
  • Clem Sunter
  • Robert Friedland
  • Mark Bristow
  • Frank Giustra
  • Ross Beaty
The event was very well attended, considering the ticket price to get in isn’t cheap (~$3,000). Not surprisingly, the crowd was made up of mostly highly motivated fund managers, investors and analysts.
Among the attendees were some of the largest money managers in the natural resources sector, including Evy Hambro of Blackrock and Neil Gregson of JP Morgan, as well as representatives from most of the bulge bracket and boutique banks..