Donnerstag, 20. März 2014

Kanadische Regulatoren vereinfachen Finanzierungs-Regelwerk

Dazu ein aktueller Veitrag von Mineweb:

Canadian securities regulators ease financing rules
Reshaping the financing landscape for Canadian public companies, the CSA outlines a major new exemption.
Posted: Thursday , 13 Mar 2014 - HALIFAX, NS (MINEWEB) -  
It is just got a whole lot easier for Canadian companies - juniors most notably - to raise money issuing new shares to existing shareholders.
Today the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) outlined a new exemption - effective immediately in most provinces in Canada - that lets any shareholder, regardless of net worth or professional background, individually commit up to $15,000 a year to a financing.
Prior exemptions that let people take part in financings were more stringent and limited to people, for example, with net worths over a C$1 million.
The new exemption was proposed last year by the TSX Venture Exchange largely in response to tight financing markets for smaller junior exploration companies which mostly depend on financings to fund their activities..