Freitag, 7. Oktober 2016

Nach Kursrückgang: Goldhändler melden Kundenansturm

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Goldhändler melden Kundenansturm nach Kursrückgang

Die deutschen Edelmetallhändler melden einen starken Anstieg der Nachfrage nach Münzen und Barren, nachdem die Kurse von Gold und Silber deutlich nachgegeben haben..

US-Arbeitsmarktdaten verfehlen Erwartungen, Chancen für eine Zinserhöhung fallen erneut zurück

Die traditionelle Muppet Show geht weiter:

Payrolls Rise 156K, Missing Expectations, Unemployment Rate Rises To 5.0%

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With Wall Street all bulled up on the economy, expecting a print of 175K while the whipser number was decidedly higher, and closer to 200K thanks to Goldman's optimism, moments ago the BLS reported that in September the US created only 156K jobs, missing expectations, and down from the upward revised 167K in August, leaving the question of whether the Fed will hike imminently, unanswered. 

However, offsetting the September miss, last month's disappointing print of 151K was revised to 167K. At the same time, the change in total nonfarm payroll employment for July was revised down from +275,000 to +252,000. With these revisions, employment  gains in July and August combined were 7,000 less than previously reported. Over the past 3 months, job gains have averaged 192,000 per month. 
The household survey employment number of 151.968MM was 354K bigger than last month, and pushed the annual increase higher by 2.0%, the biggest since March 2016..

Gold Leads, Bonds Bleed As Jobs Miss Sends Rate-Hike Odds Tumbling

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The highest unemployment rate since April sent rate hike odds for November tumbling from almost 30 to around 15%. The kneejerk in stocks faded, bond yields surged, gold is leading the post-payrolls run...
Nov rate hike odds are tumbling but Dec is marginally higher..

Sending the USD lower...

Part-Time Jobs Soar By 430,000 As Multiple Jobholders Surge To August 2008 Levels

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While today's headline jobs print was somewhat disappointing, with the Establishment Survey missing the expected print of 175K, and growing by 156K, it was offset by a far higher 354K jump in the household survey which offset last month's weakness. But while the quantitative headline aspect is open to interpretation, the qualitative component of the September jobs print was downright ugly for two key reasons.
First, looking at the composition of jobs, full-time jobs declined by 5,000 to 142,296K while part-time jobs soared by 430,000...
... the biggest monthly jump since February..

US-Arbeitsmarktdaten: "The Most Important Ever" Payrolls Preview (Again)

Zur Einstimmung auf das wichtige Ereignis um 14:30 Uhr MEZ:

"The Most Important Ever" Payrolls Preview (Again)

The distribution of guesses for tomorrow's "most important payrolls print ever" or at least until next month, skews modestly to the upside after the biggest spike in ISM employment ever this week jarred some economists to become more optimistic, and side with Goldman Sachs expecting a Fed-inspiring drop in the unemployment rate, rise in average hourly earnings, and better than expected payrolls of 190K. As a result, while consensus expects a NFP rebound from 151K to 172K, the whisper number is around 200k. Anything above this would send December rate hike odds surging to the all important 70% or above, bond yields spiking and equities at the mercy of whichever way the risk parity machines were calibrated tomorrow..


Gold-Giganten bedenken höheren Einsatz von erneuerbaren Energien

Das macht langfristig gesehen auf jeden Fall Sinn für die Goldproduzenten:

Gold giants looking at renewables

Barrick Gold, IAMGOLD, AurCrest Gold, Goldcorp, TMAC Resources, Newmont Mining and Gold Fields are getting serious about renewables, says an Energy and Mines analysis published on Thursday..

Donnerstag, 6. Oktober 2016

Interview mit dem Boss von Uran-Major Cameco über den Kampf mit der kanadischen Steuerbehörde

Informatives Interview:

Cameco CEO: I'm glad to get into court over tax fight

Tim Gitzel, president and CEO of Cameco, is in the midst of a court battle with the Canadian Revenue Agency. The CRA claims that Cameco used its European subsidiary, Cameco Europe Ltd., to report the profits from uranium sales in low-tax Switzerland. Gitzel maintains that the company has done nothing wrong. He joins BNN to explain more..


Silber: Größter Wochen-Crash seit 42 Monaten

Bis dato ist es die schlechteste Handelswoche für Silber seit April 2013. Der Silberpreis ist massiv überverkauft und hat alleine seit Freitag 10% an Wert verloren:


Turnaround läuft: Entwicklung der Rohstoffpreise im Vorjahresvergleich

Nach dem aktuellen Status Quo haben bis auf Uran und Pottasche alle relevanten Rohstoffe in 2016 einen Boden gefunden..


USA: Inflationserwartungen ziehen an

Mögliche Vorboten einer steigenden Inflation und der nächsten Zinserhöhung in den USA..

Folgen der historischen Baisse: Kupfer-Gigant Codelco streicht Milliarden-Investitionen zusammen

Gute News für die zukünftige Angebotslage in der angeschlagene Kupferbranche:

Chile's Codelco delays $2.25 billion in investments on copper prices slump

Chile’s Codelco, the world's top copper miner, has once again made drastic changes to its ambitious five-year investment plan as falling copper prices continue to dry up the company’s earnings.

The state-owned miner, which faces what its chief executive Nelson Pizarro recently called its “worst crisis ever” since created in 1976, has decided to reduce its investment budget by $2.25 billion, local news site El Pulso reports (in Spanish)..

Goldcorp, Mexiko: Einigung mit Lieferanten für Peñasquito-Mine in Reichweite

Hierzu ein aktueller Bericht auf Bloomberg:

Talks to resolve Goldcorp Mexico mine blockade under way: official

By Noe Torres and Susan Taylor | MEXICO CITY/TORONTO

Negotiations are under way to resolve a week-long blockade at Goldcorp Inc's suspended Peñasquito gold mine in Mexico, a government mediator said on Wednesday.

Goldcorp, the world's No. 3 gold miner by market value, said on Monday that it shut mine operations on safety concerns from the blockade by a trucking contractor concerned about losing business due to mine efficiencies.

Talks began Tuesday night and another meeting was scheduled for Wednesday, said Julio Cesar Chavez, a Zacatecas government official and mediator in talks between Goldcorp and the trucking contractor and farmers, who have joined in the protests against Goldcorp.

"An agreement with the land owners and a trade agreement with the truckers is pending today," he said in an interview with Reuters.

Vancouver-based Goldcorp was not immediately available for comment.

There are 420 police officers at the site and they have cleared three entrances to the mine, Chavez said. One truck brought food into the mine yesterday, and protesters are now being asked to allow another truck to enter with water, he said.

In a meeting Tuesday night, truckers and a committee representing farmers asked Goldcorp to withdraw lawsuits against protesters, said Felipe Pinedo, one of the protest leaders.

Protesters are demanding jobs and payment for environmental damages and water used by the mine, Pinedo has said.

In late August, Reuters reported on a long-running leak of contaminated water, which had not been disclosed to the public, at the mine, Mexico's biggest gold deposit.

Goldcorp said it has about 750 people at the northern Mexico mine and expects to produce between 520,000 and 580,000 ounces of gold this year, equal to around 19 percent of its total forecast output of 2.8 million to 3.1 million ounces.

A contingency plan was in place that would allow mining and processing to be restarted immediately once the dispute was resolved, Goldcorp said. It did not expect the shutdown to impact 2016 production or cost estimates.


Black Sea Copper & Gold schließt Übernahme ab und startet an der TSX-Venture

Die neue Junior-Firma Black Sea Copper & Gold hat erfolgreich die Übernahmetransaktion von Alternative Earth Resources abgeschlossen. Seit ein paar Tagen ist die neue Aktie an der TSX-Venture unter dem Symbol "BLS" gelistet. Black Sea besitzt ein sehr erfahrenes Management-Team und hat sich ein umfassendes Portfolio an aussichtsreichen Kupfer- und Goldprojekten in Osteuropa gesichert.

Werfen Sie diesbezüglich einen Blick in die aktuelle Firmen-Präsentation

Black Sea completes acquisition, rollback, name change

2016-09-28 14:51 ET - News Release - Mr. Vince Sorace reports


Black Sea Copper & Gold Corp., formerly Alternative Earth Resources Inc., has completed the acquisition of Black Sea Copper & Gold Corp. (BSCG) as disclosed in the company's news releases dated Aug. 31 and Sept. 23, 2016. The company has also closed the concurrent private placement financing, which generated gross proceeds of $2-million. Following completion of the acquisition and the financing, the company has 43,727,156 common shares issued and outstanding, and the company's cash reserves are approximately $3.5-million..


Black Sea Copper & Gold vor Transaktionsabschluss und Handelsstart an der TSX-Venture

Die kanadische Junior-Firma Alternative Earth Resources Inc. (V.AER) wird in Kürze eine Namensänderung zu Black Sea Copper & Gold Corp. durchführen und an der TSX-Venture starten. Hintergrund ist die gegenwärtige Übernahme und eine Aktien-Konsolidierung..

Führendes Goldminen-ETF GDX schließt Kurslücke

GDX hat das große Gap bei 23 im Tagesverlauf geschlossen:

Dienstag, 4. Oktober 2016

China: Entwicklung der Automobil-Verkäufe

Wie immer auch ein wichtiger Chart für den Rohstoffsektor:

Quelle: Market Realist, CAIN


The Outlook for China’s Automobile Sales and Why It Matters

The automotive industry is the second-largest steel consumer after the real estate sector. In this part of the series, we’ll look at the recent trend in the Chinese automotive industry..

Montag, 3. Oktober 2016

Kohle: China kommt mit dem Abbau von Überkapazitäten voran

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China to reach target in cutting coal overcapacity by year-end

China’s effort to cut surplus capacity in the coal industry and, at the same time, manage pollution in most of its major cities, are paying off earlier than anticipated, with the world’s largest producer of the commodity anticipating it will reach its targets by year-end, which is earlier than planned.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Xu Shaoshi, chairman of the National Development and Reform Commission, said reducing overcapacity in the steel sector is also likely to surpass the nation’s annual goal.

By the end of August this year, coal production had fallen to 2.17 billion tons, down 10.2% from the same period in 2015. What’s more, according to the officer, China has begun importing more coal..


Lithium: Russischer Nuklear-Gigant Rosatom visiert Investitionen in Chile an

Sehr interessante Entwicklung:

Russian nuclear firm Rosatom eyes Chilean lithium

By Rosalba O'Brien | SANTIAGO

Russian state nuclear power plant giant Rosatom sent lobbyists to meet with the Chilean government and discuss "collaboration in possible lithium projects," a government website revealed at the weekend.
Four representatives of the company met with Mining Deputy Minister Igancio Moreno in September, according to information published on the government's lobbying transparent website.

Rosatom has signed billions of dollars worth of overseas contracts and is seen as a tool for Russia to wield political influence abroad..

Uran-Industrie: Überangebot hält an, Sentiment fällt auf Tiefpunkt, Überlebenskampf beginnt

Hierzu ein aktueller Bericht von Reuters:

Desperate uranium miners switch to survival mode despite nuclear rebound

October 3, 2016

* World nuclear output on the way to pre-Fukushima levels

* Uranium price at decade lows as inventory remains high

* Spot prices below cost of production at most mines

* Miners close pits, sell assets to reduce debt

By Geert De Clercq

LONDON, Oct 3 (Reuters) - The nuclear industry is gradually recovering from its post-Fukushima slump, but excess capacity keeps uranium prices at record lows, forcing mining companies to mothball mines, slice costs and cut debt as they struggle to survive..


ETF-Boom setzt sich fort: Investoren setzen zunehmend auf passiv gemanagte Fonds

Spannender Chart, der den Mega-Boom der ETFs und den gleichzeitigen Niedergang der klassischen, aktiv gemangten Fonds aufzeigt:

Quelle: BofAML Global Investment Strategy

Sonntag, 2. Oktober 2016

Interview mit dem legendären Chairman Pierre Lassonde von Franco-Nevada über den Royalty-Sektor

Empfohlenes Interview:

The chairman of Franco-Nevada talks gold royalties

Pierre Lassonde, chairman at Franco-Nevada, joins BNN for a look at how the company has been performing and what is next for the gold-royalty company..

OPEC kämpft eisern um Marktanteile: Veränderung der Öl-Förderung von ausgewählten Produzentenländern

Während die Öl-Produktion bspw. in den USA, Nigeria und Libyen seit Herbst 2014 zurückfiel, wurde sie seit diesem Zeitpunkt umso erheblicher in bspw. Saudi-Arabien, Russland, dem Iran und Irak gesteigert. Hierzu eine informative Übersicht - credit to Bloomberg:


Nano One Materials gewinnt Pitch-Event in China und schreitet operativ voran

Hierzu ein aktueller Beitrag auf Equity Guru:

Nano One Materials (NNO.C) wins pitch event, earns China investor/govt trip

Battery technology company Nano One Materials (NNO.C) has enjoyed a spirited stock resurgence of late, and it’s not a surprise. With emerging tech that could take cobalt out of the rechargeable battery ingredients list, and continuing grants for their commercialization pilot project, the company is building legitimacy quickly.

So when CEO Dan Blondal took the stage at an exclusive BC-China trade event this past week, and blew the doors off the place, winning the Pitch! China Conference and earning a 3-day trip to Nanjing in China’s wealthiest province, Jiangsu, in the process, investors clamored back on board.

As a result of winning the pitch event, Nano One execs will travel to China for three days of organized meetings with key investors, potential partners, and Chinese government officials..

$NNO CEO 2 visit big players in Jiangsu after winning #CCINpitch to large Chinese Biz & investor delegation



Better batteries a tough slog: Nano One CEO sees way forward

Dan Blondal, CEO with Nano One Materials, says that his company has received a lot of attention for the innovative way that it makes cathode, a black material used to make lithium batteries. He joins BNN to explain how his technology works and how it could impact the lithium market..

Big Picture: Kreditkarten-Zahlungen steigen auf neues Rekordhoch

Das "Plastikgeld" regiert die Welt. Zum ersten Mal in der Geschichte übertreffen die totalen Kreditkarten-Zahlungen die weltweiten Bargeld-Zahlungen. Damit setzt sich der Boom des bargeldlosen Zahlungsverkehrs ungebrochen fort..

Quelle: Euromonitor Intl.