Sonntag, 20. Dezember 2015

Medallion Resources: Positive Ergebnisse für die Industrie-Raffinierung, Pilot-Anlage in Planung

Medallion Resources gab vor kurzer Zeit weitere erfreuliche Neuigkeiten bekannt. Die Firma hat neue, positive Ergebnisse von verarbeitenden Rare Earth Firmen erhalten, welche das Konzentrat von Medallion erfolgreich nutzen konnten. Jetzt arbeitet die Juniorgesellschaft am Aufbau einer repräsentativen Pilot-Anlage..
"..Medallion is now using its confirmed metallurgical flowsheet as the basis to investigate alternatives for the set-up and operation of a pilot plant. The pilot plant will be designed to optimize production from different feedstocks and improve efficiencies, including reagent recycling and byproduct production.."

Medallion's CEO Don Lay ist mit den Fortschritten sehr zufrieden und kommentiert: "This is a welcome and expected response, as well as validation of our approach. Rare-earth processing can be technically challenging, so we have taken a straightforward approach to get to production. Our strategy is to purchase byproduct monazite sand. This will serve as a high-grade feedstock for our planned commercial extraction plant. Monazite is not only a rare-earth mineral with well-understood metallurgy, but this simple approach means no mining, milling or beneficiation activities are required. As such, we expect to save on upfront capital and reduce operating costs."

Medallion's REE concentrate suitable for refining

2015-12-08 06:37 ET - News Release


Medallion Resources Ltd. has received positive feedback from reputable rare-earth-processing companies regarding its mixed rare-earth concentrate product samples.



Medallion Resources: Neues Research von Caesars Report

Informativer Research-Report von Caesars über REE-Junior Medallion Resources (V.MDL).

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