Freitag, 10. Januar 2014

Neues Interview mit Star-Geo und Minen-Experte Brent Cook

Definitiv wieder einmal hörenswerte Insights vom legendären Geologe Brent Cook von Exploration Insights:

Gold Miners 4Q Results May Beat Expectations: Brent Cook
Jan 09, 2014 - Guest(s): Brent Cook 
Kitco News speaks with Exploration Insights’ Brent Cook on this edition of “Mining Minutes.” Cook says that a lot of mining 4Q results will “meet or beat expectations.” He adds that 2014 will be a good year for investors to position themselves to make money. “I don’t expect this to be a great year for investing in the junior sector,” he says. “I think it’ll be a great year to begin positioning oneself in the better deposits…ones that actually have a reasonable CAPEX and low costs.” Cook says that although he expects a bottoming process, it may bring about good opportunities. “I think what any investor needs to come into this thinking is, when you buy something be prepared to have the opportunity to buy it again at 20-30% less and look forward to that, because that’s probably going to happen.” Tune in now to hear more of Cook’s comments on the mining industry. Kitco News, January 9, 2014..

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