Samstag, 1. März 2014

ICMM Leader: Community & Stakeholder von größter Bedeutung

Die Relationships mit den lokalen und regionalen Communities inkl. Stakeholdern wird für Minen-Gesellschaften rund um den Globus immer wichtiger - nicht nur in Südamerika und Afrika:

Mining's image must change from problem maker to solution builder
Mining-community tensions aren’t improving in an era of increased risks, growing community demands, and local governments unable to provide adequate services.
Author: Dorothy Kosich- Posted: Tuesday , 25 Feb 2014 - SALT LAKE CITY (MINEWEB) 
Anthony G. Hodge, president of the International Council on Mining and Metals stressed in a keynote address Monday that good relationships with stakeholders is a crucial factor for success for the world’s mining industry..

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