Freitag, 28. Februar 2014

Wichtigstes Gold-ETF GLD mit erstem Inflow seit Dezember 2012

Auch am ETF/ETP-Markt scheinen das Sentiment und die Lage langsam aber sicher zu drehen. Das weltgrößte und wichtigste Gold-ETF 'SPDR Gold Trust' (GLD) verzeichnet im Februar bis dato den ersten relevanten Inflow seit Dezember 2012 mit rund 10 Tonnen Gold auf Monats-Basis:

GLD pulls in 10 tonnes of gold in February. Is the tide turning?
The world’s largest gold ETF has seen 10 tonnes of inflows in February as compared with last year’s huge outflows and the market impact, should the trend continue, could be strong indeed.
Author: Lawrence Williams - Posted: Friday , 28 Feb 2014 - LONDON (Mineweb) -  
Jan 31st 2014 – 793.16 tonnes. Feb 27th 2014 – 803.7 tonnes. What’s the significance of these dates and figures? They show the tonnages of gold held in the SPDR Gold Trust (GLD), the world’ largest gold ETF, and show that GLD has accumulated just over 10 tonnes of gold in February – the first monthly gain since December 2012 when it put on 1 tonne. Between the beginning of January 2013 and the beginning of February 2014, this single ETF had shed a massive 557 tonnes of gold as investors deserted it in droves, supposedly in favour of the seemingly ever rising general equity markets – in hindsight a smart move over that time period – but with, apparently, all that physical gold so released, and much more, heading to China..


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