Donnerstag, 8. Mai 2014

China: Öl-importe steigen auf neues Rekordhoch

Der chinesische Öl-Hunger wächst kräftig weiter, hierzu die jüngsten eindrucksvollen Zahlen:

China's April crude-oil imports reach daily record
BEIJING--China imported 27.88 million metric tons of crude oil in April, equivalent to 6.8 million barrels a day, preliminary data from the General Administration of Customs showed Thursday.
The crude imports were the highest on record when calculated on a daily basis, and surpassed the previous record in January, when the country shipped in about 6.7 million, Öl, barrels a day. China imported 28.16 million tons of crude in January, which is the record for crude imports on a monthly basis. 
Meanwhile, April's imports were 20.8% higher than the 23.08 million tons of crude shipped in during the corresponding month last year, and up around 18.5% from 23.52 million tons in March, according to Wall Street Journal calculations. 
Refined oil product imports totaled 2.54 million tons, while exports totaled 2.2 million tons, the data showed..

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