Freitag, 9. Mai 2014

Irrwitzige Short-Quoten: Kinross Gold, Yamana Gold und New Gold

Das Short-Selling in einigen Goldminen-Aktien erreicht während der letzten Wochen in zahlreichen Titeln wieder irrwitzige Level. Bei Kinross Gold (NYE:KGC), Yamana Gold (NYE:AUY) und New Gold (NYE:NGD) lassen sich gegenwärtig besonders krasse Short-Quoten einmal mehr feststellen. Alle diese Shorts müssen früher oder später gecovert werden, was eine massive Aktienkurs-Explosion auslösen sollte..

Hierzu ein Ausschnitt aus einem aktuellen Beitrag von The Motley Fool mit den aktuellen Short-Zahlen der oben genannten Goldproduzenten:

Are These Heavily Shorted Gold Stocks Set to Soar?
By Nelson Smith - May 7, 2014 | See also: AUY, K, NGD, YRI 
There are a lot of benefits of being a contrarian investor.
Kinross Gold
Investors have turned bearish on Kinross Gold (TSX: K) over the last few weeks, increasing their short position on the company almost 50%, from 27 million shares to more than 40 million.
This likely has something to do with investors nervousness about the Russian government, where the company has about a quarter of its assets. As the Ukraine situation gets more dicey, investors get more nervous about how geopolitics could affect the company’s future in the region. Will the Russian government do the unthinkable and seize Kinross’s assets?
That’s unlikely, to say the least. Since Russian officials have significant assets overseas, it’s not in the country’s best interest to blindly seize Canadian assets. Considering Russia exports a great deal of its natural resources, seizing assets in the country will likely anger its customers, and lead to reduced markets for its resources. For an economy as resource rich as Russia’s, that’s certain death.
Yamana Gold
Yamana Gold’s (TSX: YRI)(NYSE: AUY) shares are also being bet against by a large number of investors, as more than 22 million shares are now being sold short.
Investors with a long-term time horizon see a company that’s trading for less than it’s net asset value, and has a comfortable cash position. It just completed a feasibility study on the Cerro Maro project, which is projected to be one of the entire industry’s lowest cost mines. The company also indicated that its cost-cutting programs have been successful, which should lead to increased cash flow in 2014.
New Gold
Shares in New Gold (TSX: NGD) are also heavily bet against, as investors have sold more than 39 million shares short. This represents almost 35 days worth of trading.
The company just beat its first quarter earnings forecast, and has been upgraded recently by Jennings Capital, which sees a potential upside of more than 35% higher than current levels. Analysts are bullish about the company’s low cost base, increasing production, and the location of the company’s mines, which are all in geopolitically stable regions..


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