Dienstag, 26. August 2014

Objektive Betrachtung vs. Mainstream-Propaganda: Asiatische Goldnachfrage ist alles andere als schwach

Hierzu eine aktuelle, treffende Quote vom erfahrenen und bewährten Autor Lawrence Williams @ mineweb.com, der bekanntlich hohen Wert auf Objektivität legt - anstatt sich dem Mainstream (wie die MSM und die meisten Newsportale) wie immer ganz bequem blind anzuschließen.
"..So overall gold movements into the world’s two biggest consumers may well be slipping this year after last year’s big figures, but it does not appear to be slipping nearly as much as some media reports would have us believe.  
Taking into account a substantial drop in disposals from the big gold ETFs, relatively flat mine supply and a fall in scrap sales due to the lower prices this year’s supply/demand balance could well move in gold’s favour, although this will not necessarily result in significantly higher prices given the markets are still largely controlled by COMEX paper gold futures data..."

Link zum gesamten Artikel.

Is Asian gold demand really slipping so much?

Indian and Chinese gold demand may not be quite as lacklustre as the mainstream media would have you believe, while geopolitical events continue to churn..

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