Freitag, 24. April 2015

Uranium Energy: Casey legt weitere Empfehlung vor, Höhenflug beim Aktienkurs hält an

Die eindrucksvolle Rallye beim amerikanischen Junior-Uranproduzenten & Developer Uranium Energy (NYE:UEC) geht nach der aktuellen Empfehlung von Casey Research weiter:

"...Buy—UEC has been doing everything right. While the company’s operations remain idle, UEC has quietly been focusing on the future. The Hobson ISR Plant remains fully permitted and operational with nearby satellite projects being developed. Burke Hollow’s resource is now at an impressive 5.1 million pounds of U3O8, but management has stated there will be further growth as 55% of the project remains unexplored. Be patient on how you buy and try to buy during market weakness, but when the uranium market starts to heat up again, UEC as the only unhedged uranium producer in the world will have the largest leverage in the uranium sector. UEC over the next 5 years will do very well. 

In 2014, UEC drilled more than 200 holes to expand its resources with the hub-and-spoke strategy in South Texas. After Burke Hollow, UEC plans to develop the Longhorn, Salvo, and Nichols ISR Projects. Management has singled out the new Longhorn Project specifically for future growth. It has an aquifer exemption already covering the entire project area and is located in a major historic producing area. 

In addition to South Texas, UEC also has 20 projects in the southwestern US. In 2014, the company completed preliminary economic assessments (PEA) for the Anderson Project in central Arizona and the Slick Rock Project in Colorado with a combined NPV of approximately $200 million (based on a uranium price of $65 per pound).

Relative to its peers, UEC is in great shape. It is the cheapest across all metrics, being severely undervalued according the most important metric, the price-to-NAV. At first it may look like Energy Fuels has UEC beaten on that front, but EFR is a conventional producer with its undeveloped resources pushing up a lot of the value. Every pound in the ground is given a small value, but the reality is that it’s hard to put any sort of value on these resources because the majority of them will not be developed. The cash cost per pound for EFR stands at a staggering $41.00 per pound, while UEC is the cheapest in the United States at $19.00. 

For all these reasons, we’re happy to hold on to our risk-free shares and wait for a rebound in uranium prices. The company trades at a steep discount and has arguably the best project pipeline among US ISR producers.."





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