Montag, 25. Mai 2015

DuSolo Fertilizers: Phosphat-Produzent in Brasilien ein lukrativer Übernahme-Kandidat für Marktführer Mosaic?

Hierzu ein informativer Beitrag vom Midas Letter:

DuSolo Fertilizers’ 2015 May See Takeout Offer From Mosaic
Dusolo Fertilizers Inc. (TSX.V:DSF) (OTCMKTS:ELGSF) has a future that is intimately bound with the future of Brazil, as is demonstrated in this latest updated video. Mosaic Co (NYSE:MOS), the world’s largest manufacturer of finished phosphate products, announced that it was actively seeking to purchase Brazilian phosphate producers..


Produzent DuSolo Fertilizers: Neues Interview mit den Firmen-Verantwortlichen

Ich hatte vor kurzer Zeit das Vergnügen, ein informatives Interview mit den Verantwortlichen von Produzent DuSolo Fertzilizers (TSX-V:DSF) durchzuführen..

Quote #2:

Junior-Produzent DuSolo Fertilizers trifft auf Bomfim in Brasilien auf neue high-grade Phosphat-Mineralisierungen

Der positive Nachrichtenfluss beim auf Phosphat spezialisierten Junior-Produzenten DuSolo Fertilizers(TSX-V:DSF, FSE:E6R) geht weiter. Heute verkündet die kanadische Rohstoffgesellschaft neue, sehenswerte Bohrergebnisse vom riesigen Bomfim-Phosphatprojekt in Brasilien..

Quote #3:


The Company – DuSolo Fertilizers Inc (OTC: ELGSF)
History: Three years ago, the management team of DuSolo Fertilizers Inc. (formerly Eagle Star Minerals Corp) identified that the explosive growth in the agricultural sector within Brazil would cause the demand for fertilizer to substantially increase.
Acknowledging the fact that Brazil is a major importer of agro-minerals, the team set out with the goal of becoming a domestic producer of Phosphate based fertilizers. Their strategy would capitalize on the ability to sell Direct Application Natural Fertilizer (DANF) and other phosphate based fertilizers at a later stage, to local farmers at a significant discount to its competitors imported products.
On the 14th of October 2014, DuSolo received all necessary mining and environmental permits and successfully transitioned to a producer. No mean feat considering the short time frame..

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