Freitag, 17. März 2017

Interview mit Fondsmanager John Hathaway über die beste Anlageklasse seit 2000

Lesenswertes Interview mit dem legendären Fondsmanager - credit to Forbes:

Gold Has Been The Best Performing Asset Class Since 2000: Here's Why It's Still A Good Place To Be

AN INTERVIEW WITH John Hathaway, CFA -Chairman and Portfolio Manager, Tocqueville Management Corporation

John Hathaway: Tocqueville Asset Management, which currently manages approximately $12 billion in assets, launched its gold strategy back in 1998 when gold was very disrespected. It was the Rodney Dangerfield of investment ideas. Tocqueville is at its core a contrarian firm. And we thought that in those days, when investors were chasing dot-coms and overpriced technology stocks, we should do something that was value based. That thinking led us to launch the Tocqueville Gold (NASDAQ: TGLDX) fund in 1998. That fund now has about $1.4 billion under management. And in addition, we have another $1 billion or so of separate accounts and funds that we manage for European clients and separate institutional accounts..

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