Montag, 13. Mai 2013

Solider Ausblick für die Royalty- und Streaming-Branche

Dazu ein aktueller und informativer Artikel von The Gold Report, der auf die verschiedenen Streaming- und Royalty Arten/Möglichkeiten eingeht inkl. einigen Kommentaren von den Pionieren und Masterminds der jungen, aber sehr aussichtsreichen Branche:

Metal Royalties: The New Landscape 
In today's challenging finance environment, some miners are looking to royalty companies to fill the funding void. Royalty sales give the junior mining company capital to explore or build a mine in exchange for a percentage of future production. It is a win-win. Investors have exposure to gold profits, but are immune to much of the risk. Juniors get the money they need to move forward. But not all royalties are the same and a number of new types have entered the market to fill specific investing and funding niches. In this special primer from The Gold Report, we survey the heads of the companies to explain the role they see themselves playing in investment portfolios and the future of mining..

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