Sonntag, 25. Januar 2015

Erfreulicher Jahresauftakt: Finanzierungen im Junior-Minensektor ziehen an

Hierzu ein Ausschnitt aus einem aktuellen Artikel von Mineweb:

"..In the past week or so Canadian juniors have raised about ~$800 million in financings. It’s been a few years since that much money so quickly flowed into the junior sector and it recalls some of the boom days when financings over C$100 million weren’t so uncommon. Surely it signals increased institutional interest in the mining sector.
But with limits.
Though the influx is undoubtedly remarkable – timed to coincide with recently stronger mining shares on the back of resurgent gold – what it isn’t is a sure sign major risk money is back. These financings were, largely, unsurprising and targeted at the more conservative end of junior sector. Call it lower risk high-risk.
Consider the lot, from top to bottom, comprising the big financings that were announced in the past week or so (as previously compiled by others this week such as IKN.)
  • Romarco: ~C$300 million
  • Osisko Royalties: ~C$200 million
  • Detour Gold: ~C$141 million
  • Primero Gold: ~C$75 million
  • Asanko Gold: ~C$40 million
  • Richmont Mines: ~C$34 million
  • Lydian International: ~C$17 million
Of course, this combined ~C$800 million is nothing to sneeze at. To repeat, we haven’t seen anything like this in some time and it’s hard not to see it as a partial thaw of investor interest in juniors mining equities.."

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