Samstag, 10. Januar 2015

The Gold Report: Interview mit Brent Cook über die Ära der Peak-Gold Discoveries

Lesenswertes Interview von The Gold Report mit Branchen-Experte Brent Cook:

Brent Cook: Investing During the Era of Peak Gold Discoveries

Source: JT Long of The Gold Report  (1/5/15)
We've hit peak economic gold discoveries, but unlike the new fracking technologies that saved the oil industry, there's no fracking technology to coax mineral wealth from ever-deeper deposits. In the face of this shortage, expert geologist Brent Cook of Exploration Insights is scouting out companies that are cashed up and poised to deliver value when other miners may be left scraping the bottom of the barrel. In this interview withThe Gold Report, find out what Cook expects for gold exploration in 2015, and why the next few years are going to be very interesting indeed for yellow metal miners.
The Gold Report: Brent, you've quoted Goldcorp Inc.'s (G:TSX; GG:NYSE) CEO, Charles Jeannes, saying that we've reached peak economic gold production. What led us to this point?
Brent Cook: That's a big question that really goes back to what was happening in the global exploration sector 20+ years ago. I don't want to get into the peak gold production idea but instead focus on the discovery curve and what's behind the problem we are seeing in the gold sector..
Quelle: SNL Metals & Mining

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