Dienstag, 10. Februar 2015

Nevada Copper gibt Pumpkin Hollow Projekt-Update und Ausblick für 2015 bekannt

Nevada Copper (TSX:NCU) rechnet im Juni 2015 mit der Einholung der finalen Minengenehmigungen:

Nevada Copper Pumpkin Hollow Project Update
VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - Feb. 10, 2015) - Nevada Copper Corp. (TSX:NCU) ("Nevada Copper" or the "Company") is pleased to provide an update and summary of project activities for 2015 on its 100% owned Pumpkin Hollow Copper Project ("the Project"), located near Yerington, Nevada.
  • Land conveyance and final permits expected by June:
    • Passage of the Yerington land bill was signed into law by President Obama on December 19,2014 and directs the conveyance of 10,400 acres of Federal land to the City of Yerington within 180 days as prescribed by law;
    • Binding agreements were executed with the City of Yerington on February 9, 2015 to formalize the details of the land conveyance from the City to Nevada Copper;
    • Nevada Copper will acquire private ownership of all Federal land surrounding Pumpkin Hollow which will consolidate the entire Project within a privately held land position where the required permits will be under State jurisdiction and not Federal; and,
    • Receipt of all key State permits for the open pit operation are expected by June by way of revisions to the current Reclamation and Air Pollution Control permits;
  • Integrated Feasibility Study launched - With the passage of the Land Bill and receipt of permits expected by June 2015, the previously announced Stage 2 Open Pit optimization and updated Feasibility Study (see November 4, 2014 News release) has been modified to allow for the inclusion of high grade supplemental mill feed from the East and E2 underground deposits ("Integrated Feasibility Study");
  • Shaft approaching completion - At the Eastern underground development, the production sized shaft is at a current depth of 1,806 feet - over 95% complete towards the main 1,900 foot haulage level which is expected to be reached in the next few weeks;
  • Open pit and underground drilling programs:
    • 26,000 feet (7,900 meters) of drilling from underground drill stations is expected to commence in May; and,
    • 74,000 feet (22,600 meters) of open pit drilling has commenced.
Giulio Bonifacio, President and CEO, stated: "With successful passage of the Land Bill, and with open pit permits expected by June, Nevada Copper can now consider a large scale project development with a single large concentrator with mill feed from an open pit supplemented by high grade underground ore. We will continue to preserve our development options with respect to a staged development versus a single large integrated project, until such time as we have the results of the Integrated Feasibility Study and can determine our optimal strategy going forward. In either case, first production is targeted for late 2016, early 2017, subject to completion of financing arrangements..

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