Sonntag, 3. April 2016

Rohstoff- und Minenbranche: The Dig - Wochen-Rückblick vom Haywood Mining Team

Der lesenswerte Wochenrückblick von Haywood:

Industry Report 
April 1, 2016

The Weekly Dig
Mick Carew, PhD,
Haywood Mining Team

Uranium Prices Slide as Lack of Immediate Demand & Excess Inventory Loom

§  Given the surge in metal prices during Q1/16, the uranium price decline over the same period is somewhat of an anomaly. Gold (↑9%), copper (↑2%) and even iron ore (↑23%) have each experienced gains since the end of 2015, albeit coinciding with significant price volatility. However, uranium prices during Q1/16 have been disappointing, again falling below the $29.00 per pound this week; the UxC Broker Average (BAP) Price of uranium finished at $27.33, its lowest price since June, 2009, and potentially sets up the weekly uranium spot price on Monday for its lowest level in over 10 years. The decline in the price of uranium can be attributed to a dearth of non-discretionary buying from utilities combined with an over-supplied market which continues to inflate global inventories, partially attributable to the continued shutdown of Japanese reactors and the ramp-up of production at selected uranium mines including Cigar Lake. Meanwhile, both precious and base metal prices declined this week; the price of gold rose on Tuesday to over $1,240 per ounce during intra-day trading on the back of more dovish comments from Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen, but subsequently fell again later in the week following better-than-expected U.S. and Chinese economic data (see page 2). Silver (↓1%) and palladium (↓2%) prices finished at $15.08 and $564 per ounce, which platinum finished slightly higher at $956 per ounce on Friday. Copper (↓2.4%), nickel (↓4%) and lead (↓0.73%) prices each fell during the week, while zinc was the shining light for base metals, finishing up 4.1% at $0.85 per pound as zinc supply concerns following several mine closure last year continue to mount. Finally, WTI crude prices fell sharply to 36.71 per barrel on Friday after OPEC oil output rose again in March.

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