Montag, 15. April 2013

Länderrisiken: Kohleförderer in Kolumbien spüren zunehmend Gegenwind

Das gewaltige Kohle-JV Cerrejón, in dem die Bergbauriesen Anglo American (L.AAL), BHP Billition (NYE.BHP) und Xstrata (L.XTA) involviert sind, steht weiter im Kreuzfeuer. Diese Woche werden Communities aus aller Welt u.a. wegen dem Kohle-JV neue Demonstrationen in London abhalten. Im Fokus der Debatten steht die umstrittene Vorgehensweise der Big Player im Rohstoffsektor..

Colombian miners hit out at Anglo American
The joint owners of the Cerrejón opencast mine will be accused at its annual meeting of jeopardising the health of 13,000 people., Monday 15 April 2013 15.23 BST 
Open cast coal mine in Cerrejón, La Guajira, Colombia. Operated as a joint venture of three international mining firms BHP Billiton, Anglo American PLC and Xstrata. Photograph: Guy Bell/Alamy
Communities from Colombia, Mongolia, South Africa and the US will demonstrate in London this week against some of the world's largest mining companies, which they say are devastating the health of people, widely polluting the environment and forcing communities to move.
Anglo American, joint owners of the giant Cerrejón opencast coal mine in northern Colombia with BHP Billiton and Xstrata, will be accused at its annual meeting on Friday of jeopardising the health of the 13,000 people who live or work close to the operation that provides coal for power stations in Britain and Europe..

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