Dienstag, 5. August 2014

Lateinamerika: Aktuelle GDP-Wachstums-Prognosen für 2014

Hierzu ein aktueller und informativer Beitrag von IKN:

The latest CEPAL projections for GDP growth in LatAm & Carib, 2014

The report was out today, here's the paydirt chart (but CEPAL publishes a metric tonne of info on these occasions, one chart is merely scratching the surface):
  • The regional average drops from the 2.7% forecast made earlier this year to 2.2%.
  • Panama still heads the list
  • Bolivia's still kicking butt (which is why you hear nothing about the country from the Evo-Haters
  • Of the biggest four regional economies, only Colombia's doing ok. Mexico's improving a little from a poor showing in 2013, but Brazil and Argentina are way down the list.
  • Venezuela sucks. Well yeah, we knew that..
Lots more from the executive summary here. Go to CEPAL for the full whack reports, including very details individual reports on each country..

Link: http://www.incakolanews.blogspot.de/2014/08/the-latest-cepal-projections-for-gdp.html

Quelle: CEPAL, IKN Blog (http://www.incakolanews.blogspot.de/)

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