Donnerstag, 25. Februar 2016

USA, Öl-Industrie: Angst vor großer Insolvenz-Welle nimmt zu

Der historische Ölpreis-Crash zwingt die hochverschuldete, amerikanische Fracking-Branche in die Knie. Hierzu ein aktueller Bericht von Bloomberg:

Biggest Wave Yet of U.S. Oil Defaults Looms as Bust Intensifies

February 25, 2016 — 3:15 AM CET

In less than a month, the U.S. oil bust could claim two of its biggest victims yet.

Energy XXI Ltd. and SandRidge Energy Inc., oil and gas drillers with a combined $7.6 billion of debt, didn’t pay interest on their bonds last week. They have until the middle of next month to either pay the interest, work out a deal with their creditors or face a default that could tip them into bankruptcy.

If the two companies fail in March, it would be the biggest cluster of oil and gas defaults in a month since energy prices plunged in early 2015

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