Sonntag, 5. Juli 2015

Wie JPMorgan im Rohstoffmarkt: Citigroup cornered Edelmetall-Derivatemarkt

Die einflussreichen Big Player der amerikanischen Finanzindustrie lassen mal wieder die Muskeln spielen.

JPMorgan übernimmt quasi im Alleingang das Ruder im riesigen Rohstoff-Derivatemarkt, während Citi nun den Edelmetall-Derivatemarkt kräftig aufwirbelt..

Citigroup Just Cornered The "Precious Metals" Derivatives Market

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One week ago, when we scoured through the latest OCC quarterly derivative report (in which we find that the top FDIC insured 4 US banks continue to account for over 90%, or $185.5 trillion of all outstanding derivatives which as of March 31 amounted to $203 trillion; nothing new here), we found something fascinating: based on the OCC's derivative update, JPM had literally cornered the commodity derivatives complex, when from "just" $226 billion in total Commodity exposure, JPM's notional soared by 1,690% in one quarter to $4 trillion, or about 96% of total..
However, another big question remains: just what is Citigroup - not, not JPMorgan - with the Precious Metals category.
Here is the chart showing Citigroup's Precious Metals (mostly silver now that gold is lumped in with FX), exposure over the past 4 years. Of note: the 1260% increase in Precious Metals derivative holdings in the past quarter, from just $3.9 billion to $53 billion!



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