Mittwoch, 13. Mai 2015

Kupfer: Chinesicher Hedgefonds vergrößert seinen massiven Short an der Shanghai Futures Exchange

Am Kupfer-Terminmarkt wird wieder enorm gezockt, ganz vorne dabei sind erneut die Chinesen..
Chinese fund doubles down on copper short
By Henry Sanderson
One of the Chinese funds reckoned to be behind a precipitous fall in the price of copper at the start of the year has not followed its peers and closed its bearish bets on the industrial metal.
Chaos Ternary Futures, a unit of Shanghai Chaos, remains the biggest holder of short contracts on the Shanghai Futures Exchange, with 24,679 contracts, equivalent to 123,395 tonnes of the red metal, up from 9,996 contracts at the beginning of the year. Short contracts are bets that the price will fall.



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