Freitag, 30. September 2016

Lithium-Boom rückt Chile ins Rampenlicht

Informativer Beitrag über die bedeutendste Lithium-Förderregion der Welt. Natürlich wird auch Lithium-Highflyer Wealth Minerals (V.WML) erwähnt:

Lithium boom puts spotlight on Chile

30 September 2016 by Sara Ver-Bruggen

CHILE: As growing interest in electric cars and energy-storage drives up global demand for lithium, companies with concessions to exploit Chile's vast resources could find themselves in an enviable position if the government loosens restrictions.

Dubbed "white petroleum", lithium is critical to the global switch to cleaner energy and transport, so exploiting new reserves of the mineral with low extraction costs is becoming imperative..

Atacama Salar… The salt flat in Northern Chile (right) is home to the world’s highest grade lithium-brine deposit (pic: Francesco-Mocellin)

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