Mittwoch, 28. September 2016

Philippinen lösen Chaos in der Minenbranche aus

Hierzu ein aktueller Bericht im WSJ:

Philippines Widens Mining Crackdown, Boosting Nickel Prices

World’s top supplier of nickel ore recommends that 20 more of its mines be suspended over environmental concerns

MANILA—The Philippines widened a crackdown on mines over environmental concerns, sparking a jump in nickel-ore prices and highlighting worries about how to secure reliable sources in Asia of key industrial ores used to make metals.

The government recommended Tuesday that 20 more mines be suspended as part of a nationwide audit in response to complaints that the mining sector flouts environmental regulations. Earlier in the audit, which began soon after the election of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, operations were halted at 10 other mines. The combination means that three-quarters of the Philippines’ mines have been warned about environmental compliance..

Unter anderem hat es gestern die Goldproduzenten B2 Gold (BTG) und OceanaGold (T.OGC) hart getroffen, die beide bedeutende Minen auf den Philippinen betreiben..

Quote - credit to IKN:

The list of 20 Philippine mining firms in the firing line

Right here. And even though Masbate isn't one of them, B2 is off 9% at the bell. Go figure.
Update..oops, my mistake, the subsidiary Filminera is named. Makes more sense, I need to drink my coffee earlier in the day.
  • Libjo Mining Corporation
  • AAM-Phil Natural Resources Exploration and Development Corporation - Parcel 1 and Parcel 2B
  • Krominco Incorporated
  • Carrascal Nickel Corporation
  • Marcventures Mining ‬and Development Corporation‪
  • Filminera‬ Resources Corporation‪
  • Strongbuilt Mining Development Corporation
  • Sinosteel ‬Philippines HY Mining Corporation
  • Oriental Synergy Mining Corporation
  • Wellex ‬Mining Corporation
  • Century Peak ‬Corporation - Rapid City Nickel Project and Casiguran Nickel Project
  • Oriental Vision Mining Philippines Corporation
  • CTP Construction and Mining Corporation
  • Agata ‬Mining Ventures Incorporated 
  • Hinatuan Mining‬ Corporation
  • Benguet Corporation
  • Lepanto ‬Consolidated Mining Company
  • OceanaGold ‬Phils, Incorporated
  • Adnama Mining Resources, Incorporated
  • SR ‬Metals, Incorporated
Mind you, the drop in OceanaGold ( ( this morning does have more fundies to back it up.

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