Samstag, 1. Oktober 2016

Macquarie Bank: Edelmetalle, Nickel und Zink mit hohen Chance auf Outperformance

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Precious metals, nickel, zinc likely to outperform over next 2 years — analysts

Despite some ups and down, 2016 has been a good year for commodities. By June, prices of most metals and minerals were very close to enter into bull market territory (defined by a 20% increase from previous lows), rebounding from their lowest in at least 25 years.

And while some raw materials have lost some of those gains since the Brexit vote, analysts such as those at Macquarie Bank believe the upward trend is here to stay. What’s more, they expect most commodities to either stabilize or increase over the next 12-24 months.

We have seen a shift to the right for many, with inventories now starting to draw,” Macquarie Bank’s commodity research team writes.

Commodities to lead the pack in the short term, the note adds, are alumina, nickel and cobalt. But when talking about a longer-term outlook, the analysts place their bet on gold, silver, zinc, nickel, chrome and US natural gas..


Quelle: Macquarie Research

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