Freitag, 7. Oktober 2016

US-Arbeitsmarktdaten: "The Most Important Ever" Payrolls Preview (Again)

Zur Einstimmung auf das wichtige Ereignis um 14:30 Uhr MEZ:

"The Most Important Ever" Payrolls Preview (Again)

The distribution of guesses for tomorrow's "most important payrolls print ever" or at least until next month, skews modestly to the upside after the biggest spike in ISM employment ever this week jarred some economists to become more optimistic, and side with Goldman Sachs expecting a Fed-inspiring drop in the unemployment rate, rise in average hourly earnings, and better than expected payrolls of 190K. As a result, while consensus expects a NFP rebound from 151K to 172K, the whisper number is around 200k. Anything above this would send December rate hike odds surging to the all important 70% or above, bond yields spiking and equities at the mercy of whichever way the risk parity machines were calibrated tomorrow..


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