Freitag, 26. September 2014

Goldcorp-Boss und Branchenlegende Ian Telfer ist noch lange nicht müde

Lesenswerte Zeilen in einem aktuellen Interview der Vancouver Sun über Ian Telfer - einen der erfolgreichsten und großartigsten Unternehmern im globalen Minen- und Goldsektor:

Gold mining titan retains underdog sensibilities

A flair for deal making put Goldcorp’s Ian Telfer on top, but perspective keeps him grounded

Gold mining titan retains underdog sensibilities

Ian Telfer is chairman of Goldcorp.

Photograph by: Jenelle Schneider , SUN

From a corner office on the 34th floor of Park Place in downtown Vancouver, with sweeping views of the Strait of Georgia and the North Shore, the guy who squeaked into business school runs a multibillion-dollar gold mining empire.

Top dog. Underdog.

It’s a dichotomy that doesn’t faze Goldcorp Chairman Ian Telfer, whose financial success arrived relatively late in life.

“You are very appreciative and you understand how circumstantial success is, and how it can happen or it can’t,” Telfer said in a recent interview. “People always say, ‘You make your own luck.’ Yeah, well, you sort of do..


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