Sonntag, 21. September 2014

Big Picture, Geldpolitik: Entwicklung der einflussreichsten Zinssätze in den letzten 150 Jahren

Exzellenter, informativer Chart von Goldman Sachs, aktuelles Feature von Zerohedge:



Chart Of The Day: 150 Years Of Global Monetary Policy

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While everyone debates if the Fed will, once again, be wrong in its forecasts about a rate hike cycle starting some time in mid-2015 (spoiler alert: it will be), we decided to take a look in the other direction.
The chart below shows the key global events that have influenced monetary policy for the 4 major legacy central banks: the US, UK, Germany and Japan since the mid-19th century. Because if there is one thing to "learn" from the history of monetary policy it is that there is nothing to learn from the history of monetary policy: after all, "this time is always different" when the voodoo priests in charge of it all try to make a bubble-blowing, kneejerk-response "science" out of something that only a mother could call art..

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