Dienstag, 17. März 2015

BHP Billiton: Weitere Pläne zum Spin-Off South32

Die Aktionäre werden Anfang Mai über den geplanten Spin-Off abstimmen..

BHP outlines plan to spin off South32

Carl Surran, SA News Editor
  • BHP Billiton (NYSE:BHP) outlines its plan to spin off the new company called South32, saying shareholders will vote May 6 on a proposal to offer investors one share in the separate company for every BHP share.
  • BHP says South32 will distribute at least 40% of its underlying earnings as dividends to shareholders, and reiterates it will not re-base its own dividend lower following the de-merger.
  • BHP last year announced its intention to spin off nickel, aluminum and other properties that would allow it to focus on fewer resource operations in what would be one of the biggest de-mergers in mining history.

Quelle: bigcharts.com

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