Sonntag, 15. März 2015

Nächste Insolvenz in der Goldminenbranche: Produzent Allied Nevada

Der brutale Absturz eines einstigen Highflyers der Goldminenbranche endet in der Insolvenz:


Allied Nevada Gold Files For Bankruptcy Protection

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Just as in the case of oil currently, the problem with gold (and countless other commodities) trading where it does, is that as we have shown repeatedly on previous occasions, it is at or below the marginal production cost of various gold producers.
And with miners losing money on every incremental ounce (or barrell) they pull out of the ground, there is only so much capital they can burn before they have not choice but to file for bankruptcy. Which is precisely what happened to Allied Nevada Gold, the operator of the gaming state’s Hycroft mine, which earlier today filed for bankruptcy in Delaware.
The company blamed its deteriorating financial condition on the drop in gold and silver prices in recent years, an overleveraged capital structure, delays in a key expansion project, and currency swap exposure.
Yes, this is that Allied Nevada whose stock price traded as high as $45 when gold hit its all time high of over $1,900 hours before the SNB imposed its first, and now failed, currency floor which translated into a market cap of just about $4.5 billion..

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