Sonntag, 14. Juni 2015

Gold: Wie lange sticht der Futures- und Papier-Markt noch den physischen Gold-Markt aus?

Mit dieser Frage beschäftigte sich zuletzt auch Lawrence Williams von Mineweb:

Gold: The US sets the price but Asia does the buying

It seems illogical that gold price movement seems to be dominated by US internal factors while most gold trade is elsewhere.

Lawrence Williams | 11 June 2015 08:57

LONDON – What’s driving the gold price? At the moment it seems to be a succession of knee-jerk reactions to U.S financial data which push the gold price up or down, depending on the perception as to whether the data will likely bring the US Fed’s proposed interest rate rise programme forward or move it backwards. It really isn’t a logical situation – but where’s the logic in the precious metals markets anyway? To many, gold is a relatively underutilised metal which works well as jewellery, but nowadays has little else going for it apart from a long history of monetary usage which nowadays may have had its time. Bankers and economists discount its usefulness as such..


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