Mittwoch, 24. Juni 2015

Integra Gold: Mit der Crowdsourcing-Innovation auf den Spuren von Rob McEven bei Goldcorp

Großartige Idee von Junior-Firma Integra Gold (TSX-V:ICG), die quasi die legendäre "Goldcorp-Challenge" wiederholen wollen, welche damals von Branchenlegende Rob McEven im Weltklasse Red Lake Gold District ins Leben gerufen wurde und zu einem der größten Erfolge in der globalen Goldminenbranche führte.

Integra erhielt nach der spannenden Firmen-News sogar ein Feature von Bloomberg:

Crowdsourcing Is Canadian Miner’s Answer to Slumping Gold

by Gerrit De Vynck June 23, 2015 — 3:50 PM CESTUpdated on June 23, 2015 — 10:20 PM CEST

When Integra Gold Corp. bought the Sigma-Lamaque mine in Quebec last year, it came with an unexpected treasure trove: 70 years of prospecting data.

Now the Canadian miner plans to start an Internet-based gold rush with the six terabytes of information.

Instead of analyzing the drill-sample reports and geological surveys it found among papers and folders at Sigma-Lamaque, Integra will upload the studies to the Web and let anyone sift through them. Whoever finds the next multimillion-ounce deposit wins a C$1 million ($811,000) prize.

Integra is betting the crowdsourcing initiative can be a cheap alternative to inject some much-needed innovation into an industry that’s struggling with high costs and low commodity prices, said Stephen de Jong, chief executive officer of the Vancouver-based company.

“The price of whatever commodity, in our case gold, has come down quite a bit,” De Jong said. “There’s just not the excess capital. Now are the times when we really need that innovation.”

The end of a decade-long commodity bull market is forcing mining companies to cut back on research and exploration

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