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Uranium Energy: Offizielle Firmen-Meldung zur Short-Attacke, großer Firmen-Meilenstein durch erfolgreiche Aufnahme in Russell-Indizes

Der amerikanische Uran-Konzern Uranium Energy (NYE:UEC) reagierte noch am Freitag auf die krasse Short-Attacke von TheStreetSweeper mit einer kurzen, aber prägnanten Presse-Meldung.
"..The subject press releases have absolutely no merit and are comprised of unfounded allegations made by a third party whose motives are questionable. The Company has reviewed the referenced article. The Company’s SEC disclosure is very clear and we will not comment further on the possibility of groundless, frivolous litigation. UEC is in discussions with counsel with a view to doing whatever is necessary to bring these parties’ motives to light and to seek such legal and equitable relief and any and all damages suffered by the Company and any of its shareholders as a consequence of these unfounded allegations..."

Heute gibt die Uran-Firma eine klasse News bekannt, die einen großen Firmen-Meilenstein darstellt. Uranium Energy wird in zwei renommierte Small Cap Indizes in den USA aufgenommen:
Uranium Energy Corp to be Added to Russell 3000 Index and Russell Global Index 
Corpus Christi, TX, June 22, 2015 – Uranium Energy Corp, (NYSE-MKT: UEC, “the Company”), a U.S.-based uranium mining and exploration company, is pleased to announce that the Company is to be added to the Russell 3000Ò Index and the Russell Global Index at the conclusion of the annual reconstitution of the Russell indexes on June 26, 2015, according to the latest list of additions as posted June 19, 2015 on FTSE Russell’s website at:

Die Uranium-Aktie kann sich daraufhin kräftig erholen (siehe Chart unten). Sehr zu empfehlen sind auch die aktuellen Kommentare vom bekannten Mining-Analyst & Head of Metals & Mining Rob Chang von Cantor Fitzgerald zum jüngsten Event bei Uranium Energy:
"The power of the internet sometimes is a bit unfair. UEC is down 30% today on the back of a negative blog and subsequent legal action by two law firms with a history of filing corporate lawsuits. Sometimes it’s better to read articles from the bottom up as the disclosure of a short position at the end of the blog is perhaps the most important sentence in the entire article. Our thoughts below."

by Rob Chang

Uranium Energy Corp. | Buy | Target $3.10 | UEC-NYSE $1.68 | Market Cap US$270.7M

Negative blog and questionable legal actions irrationally drop UEC 30% 

Event: A blog with a disclosed short position on UEC issued comments that were apparently sufficient grounds for two legal firms to press release their initiation of investigations against UEC.

Bottom line: Based on our years of following the uranium space and coverage of Uranium Energy Corp, we do not share the view held by the blog or the two legal entities launching the investigation. The fact that two legal investigations were initiated solely off of an article disclosing a short position on the stock is baffling. We view any pressure on the stock based on these news items as irrational. We are maintaining our Buy Recommendation and a $3.10 per share target.
  • Previously unknown financial blog,, published a negative opinion on Uranium Energy Corp on June 18, 2015.
- Among the opinions offered, the blog noted that the company had made “zero sales in the past seven quarters”.
  • We note that this is common practice in the resource industry as production is shut-in when commodity prices do not provide a reasonable return to the operator. In fact, at Cantor Fitzgerald’s Global Uranium Conference earlier this month, nearly every presenter spoke about reduced production around the world due to low uranium prices.
- However most important is the disclosure written at the bottom of the article that reads, “The owners of TheStreetSweeper hold a short position in UEC and stand to profit on any future declines in the stock price.”
  • Citing the article from the blog, two legal firms press released that they were launching investigations against UEC. No other sources were cited.
- These two firms had previously launched a lawsuit against Uranerz Energy’s merger with Energy Fuels (EFR-TSX, UUUU-Nasdaq, Under Review), which announced the closing of its transaction yesterday.
- In fact, searching the internet yields a long list of lawsuits filed by both of these firms against several companies across several industries.

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Uranium Energy: Short-Attacke von TheStreetSweeper führt zu scharfem Ausverkauf, Investigationen gestartet

Ein einflussreicher US-Spieler zerreißt die Uran-Firma und fährt auf der Short-Seite massive Gewinne ein..


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