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PwC: Letzter ausführlicher Jahres-Report zum Standpunkt der Minen-Industrie: "Mine 2015 - The Gloves Are Off"

Review and highly recommended PwC Studyhttp://www.pwc.com/es_CL/cl/publicaciones/assets/mine-report_06-2015.pdf

Hierzu ein aktueller Kommentar von Mining.com, der die informative Studie aufgreift:

Mining industry inertia will come at a price

 June 2015

Juniors have a mountain to climb to access exploration financing. Source: Rio Tinto Simandou
PwC's John Gravelle on the mining industry's austerity drive, price realities and declining exploration spending

The latest annual report by management consultants PwC about global trends in the mining industry shows just how sharp the decline has been.

Mine 2015 examines the 40 largest mining companies in the world and at just under $800 billion, their aggregate market value is now back to 2005 levels and half of what it was four short years ago.

The report titled The gloves are off also notes that despite a relatively stable gold market, 2014 was another year of heightened price volatility. It warns the stormy conditions in the sector may only intensify as supply and demand are knocked more out of kilter.

John Gravelle, global mining industry leader for PwC, tells MINING.com current weakness is probably more of a supply issue than a demand one, with many of the Tier 1 assets bought when the going was good now coming on stream..

Link/Quelle: http://www.mining.com/mining-industry-inertia-will-come-at-a-price/

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