Donnerstag, 9. Juni 2016

Nano One Materials stellt Ingenieurstudie fertig und beginnt mit Bau von Lithium-Batterie-Anlage

Junior-Technologiefirma Nano One Materials (V.NNO) schreitet operativ weiter mit großen Schritten voran. Diese Woche gab das kanadische Unternehmen die erfolgreiche Fertigstellung der Design- und Ingenieurstudie für die Test-Lithium-Batterie-Anlage bekannt, welche bis Anfang 2017 vollständig aufgebaut werden soll..

Nano One Completes Engineering Study and Launches Pilot

Vancouver, BC: Dan Blondal, CEO of Nano One Materials Corp., today provided an update on the progress of its lithium battery materials pilot plant.

We are pleased to report that the design phase of our pilot plant was completed on schedule and budget at the end of May.” said Mr. Blondal. “We initiated the procurement and construction phase on June 1 and are on track to have the pilot built early in 2017. The goal of the pilot is to simulate full scale production of lithium ion cathode materials and demonstrate the cost, scalability, performance and novelty of Nano One’s technology to strategic industry players.”

The pilot plant will be used to showcase Nano One’s patented technology and demonstrate cost, scalability and performance to third party strategic interests. It is designed with flexibility to demonstrate a variety of processing concepts and chemistries, enabling Nano One to adapt to market needs and produce a range of products, including Nano One’s recently announced high voltage, cobalt free battery material. The pilot will be capable of producing ten (10) kilogram batches of various lithium mixed metal cathode materials that are strategically important to electric vehicle, grid storage and consumer electronic batteries.

We have confidence in our piloting concepts,” adds Mr. Blondal, “and they have materialized into a platform that should readily scale. With these activities on target and underway, we are well positioned toexecute our business plan and advance our strategic objectives.”


Die Nano One-Aktie hat sich glänzend in den letzten Monaten entwickelt und konnte vom laufenden Hype am Lithium-Markt stark profitieren..


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