Donnerstag, 15. Dezember 2016

Nuklearenergie: Japan startet weiteren Atomreaktor - Uranpreis zieht an

Hierzu ein aktueller Beitrag von Fission Uranium's (T.FCU) CEO Dev Randhawa:

The Pace of Japanese Restarts

Just about every month we get positive news coming out of China regarding their nuclear sector – completed reactors coming online, new construction beginning. In the same way that we’ve become used to the world’s second-largest economy powering ahead with its reactor construction boom, we’ve also become used to Japan hemorrhaging money and pumping out fossil fuel emissions with so many of its reactors still offline.

It was therefore a pleasure to read, a few days ago, that Japan’s Kyushu Electric Power Co. had restarted a nuclear reactor in the Kagoshima prefecture after the governor, who is opposed to nuclear power, admitted to the prefectural assembly that he had no legal power to prevent the restart..


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