Donnerstag, 15. Dezember 2016

Nach FED-Entscheidung: Chaos am Devisen- und Anleihe-Markt

Der Yen und Euro befinden sich zum US-Dollar nach der FED-Entscheidung im freien Fall. Hierzu ein aktueller Bericht auf Zerohedge:

Dollar Surges, Yields Soar, Euro Tumbles To 13 Year Low As Markets React To Hawkish Fed

This morning the world awakes to a landscape in which markets are frantically rushing to catch up to a suddenly hawkish Fed which not only hiked for the second time in a decade but, as per yesterday's Fed statement and Yellen press conference, realized it has been behind the curve all along, and the result has been a spike in the dollar across virtually all currency pairs with the USDJPY surging above 118.40, coupled with a jump in bond yields around the globe as bond (the US 10 Year is trading at 2.64%, the highest since September 2014) as traders dump any hint of duration..

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