Dienstag, 18. Dezember 2012

Review: Interview mit dem legendären Frank Giustra

Schon einige Wochen alt, aber weiterhin zeitlos gute Informationen in diesem Interview mit einem der erfolgreichsten und versiertesten Unternehmern und Visionären in der Rohstoffbranche. Absolut hörenswert und als Review nochmals sehr geeignet.

A Billionaire’s Bet on Inflation – Frank Giustra Interview

Posted on September 3, 2012  by Tommy Humphreys

We had the opportunity to sit down with Frank Giustra last week, the lion behind Lionsgate Films, and an early architect of countless resource companies—most notably Wheaton River Minerals (now known as the $33B Goldcorp, which spun out the $12B Silver Wheaton), Petro Rubiales (now the $7B Pacific Rubiales), and Urasia Energy.

By all accounts Giustra is brilliant, connected and wealthy. He made headlines in 2007 by pledging over $100 million and half of his future earnings to establish a charitable foundation with President Clinton. Outside of philanthropy however, Giustra has been reluctant to draw attention to himself, and rarely speaks publicly about investing..

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